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Everyone knows that Rishi Kapoor always like to be in news with his controversy statements. Sometimes on media and sometimes on twitter. Once again Rishi Kapoor has started a twitter war in which some indians agree with his point of view while others strongly disagree.

Despite fact that there have been several violations by Pakistan on Line of control ( LOC) and even the pakistani actors and actresses sent back to their country. Rishi Kapoor posted a tweet just before few hours in start of IPL 2017 season 10.

Here is what he have to say:

IPL. You got world players. Afghanistan makes debut. My plea is please consider Pakistani players.Phir match hoga! Hum bade log hain.Please!

Tweet by Rishi Kapoor

Pakistani players was part of Indian Premier League in 2008. Since then Pakistan cricket board put restriction on Pakistani players and Indian board also decided not to include any Pakistani player.

This is the first time that any Afghani players are making their debut in IPL. Muhammad Nabi, allrounder and Rashid Khan a leg spinner are part of IPL for the first time.

Rishi Kapoor on this said that if Afghanistan players can play in IPL then why not Pakistani Players. We are big hearted nation and our organizers should give attention to this. He said this in very positive manner and at the end 'Please' to show he is requesting it.

Twitteratis responded his status in a very positive way. and agreed with his nice thoughts.

A user @iambhavin_trvd said that it is only politics which has created differences between two nations.

While another user replied totally opposite to his thought, and said that Pakistan is terrorist country and their govt fund terrorists.
Let us know what are your thoughts on what Rishi Kapoor said. Do you think Pakistani players should play in IPL.

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